Monday, August 07, 2006

Why Southern Baptists Shouldn't Take Bobby Welch Seriously

"What A Pathetic Joke!", These blogging Baptist pastors just blew their collective cork!" "Sipping Saints", "Sober Soul Winners" Those were just some of the "sound bite" phrases Dr. Welch used in a letter to Southern Baptists published in the August edition of SBC Life.

He actually wrote this, "I understand one pastor's blog site indicates he believes his drinking assists him in soul-winning! What a pathetic joke! These blogging Baptist pastors just blew their collective cork!"

Now everyone who is even remotely familar with recent history in the SBC knows this is an open swipe at Wade Burleson and the many SBC bloggers who made a significant impact on this year's SBC Convention. And anybody who is thinking realizes that the whole alcohol discussion at the SBC Convention rapidly dissolved into a thoughtless debacle which quickly lost an opportunity to demonstrate the Biblical integrity of the SBC.

The SBC Calvinist believes this is just another sign that there are many in the SBC in positions of leadership who will have it their way even if it divides Southern Baptists further. It is our opinion that Bobby Welch is not a uniter but a divider in the SBC.


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