Monday, June 20, 2005

Johnny Hunt Fires a Salvo

June 20, 2005
This date will go down in the history of the ongoing debate within the SBC over Calvinism. It was on Monday evening of the Pastors' Conference in Nashville prior to the SBC Convention that Johnny Hunt fired a broadside attack at his fellow Southern Baptists who hold to the Doctrines of Grace or Calvinism.

Don Elbourne, a pastor in Louisiana took Dr. Hunt to task on his blog page and the outcome is - well you decide. Read Don's blog and make up your own mind.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Jack Graham on Grace

June 12, 2005

Jack Graham, Pastor of one of those Texas megachurches, Prestonwood Baptist Church, showed his lack of grace by preaching a sermon entitled "The Truth About Grace" which turned into an attack on SBC Calvinists.

A Quote from that sermon.

"There is a brand of elitist theology that is being taught aggressively today in some seminaries, and Christian universities, some churches, well known Christian ministries. A brand of arrogant theology that claims that God only loves the elect and that the rest of the world is without a prayer, without a hope without a chance to know this grace of God. And this perverted form and theology-this hyper view of the grace of God-is an abuse of Scripture."

Another quote.

"The Good News is the worst news to those who aren't chosen."

Another one.

"That Slanders the Character of God. It is an arrogance that borders on blasphemy."

And it gets worse.

You can hear the sermon here. Listen

You can listen to Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries as he addresses Dr. Graham's sermons.

1st part

2nd part

3rd part