Saturday, April 15, 2006

SBC LIFE Runs Two Articles on Calvinism

April 2006 - Nashville, TN.

The monthly publication of the Executive Committee of the SBC ran two stories related to Calvinism in its April 2006 Edition; Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility by Daniel L. Akin, Ph.D. (Dr. Akin is President of Southeastern Seminary) and The Tulip of Calvinism by Malcolm B. Yarnell III, Ph.D. (Dr. Yarnell is Assistant Dean for Theological Studies at Southwestern Seminary).

The SBC Life Editor's Note says these articles are designed to prepare readers for the upcoming discussion on Calvinism between Al Mohler and Paige Patterson in Greensboro at the annual SBC Pastors' Conference.

The SBC Calvinist wonders out loud why at least one of the articles was not written by an advocate of Calvinism in the SBC!