Friday, October 27, 2006

"Pewboy" Monologues

Over at the Religious Herald the News Journal of the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the editor, Jim White, has a little conversation between "Pewboy" and "Alter Ego" about Calvinism. Written with a sort of tongue in cheek style it's obvious that "Pewboy" doesn't have a clue about what Calvinism is really all about in the SBC and that "Alter Ego" is really not concerned with dispensing any real knowledge on the subject instead choosing to parade out his version of the Calvinist "boogey man".

Makes you wonder sometimes if History is important to anyone? Makes you wonder sometimes if being editor of a Baptist paper automatically dulls the mind?

Then you read Tammi Ledbetter's coverage of the failed debate between the Caners and White and Ascol and you recover your optimism for fair and balanced Baptist journalism.

So spare us, Mr. White, any future trivia and get out in the bushes and round up some real Calvinists and do some real reporting. Opinions are like.......Oops better not say that here.


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